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Hey you, I'm glad you're here.


I'm a very positive-minded person who dances true live with a big smile on her face. Despite my straight face in this picture, it is true what I say :D

I started taking photographs when I was in highschool and have not stopped since. Back then, I was especially lucky to have my twin sister within reach to pose for my camera, even if she didn't always feel like it. Sorry Lisa, you're the best! 

Also — I love music, cats and I have a strange connection with pigeons. Unfortunately I cannot explain why that is. 

Let's meet !

You want an epic photoshoot with your family ? — Does your business need professional team photos? — Or you just want gorgeous photos of you and your cat in a nice setting? Stop looking! I'm here to help you with that.


Do you have an awesome idea and want to discuss it with me in person? 

I know some great cafés in Ghent where we can sip a coffee and talk about it. Can't wait to meet you!